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Amy Corey, Ph.D.
Communication lecturer, College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences (CHABBS)
Amy Corey .
Corey teaches and writes about issues of diversity and social justice, especially as communicated in media and popular culture. Working from feminist and critical traditions, she’s particularly interested in media criticism, the politics of representation, race, gender, sexuality, cultural practices/appropriation, and intercultural communication in a global environment. She earned a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from the University of San Francisco and a master’s and doctorate in the same subject from the University of Denver.

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Camille Schuster , Ph.D.
Marketing professor emerita, College of Business Administration (CoBA)
Camille  Schuster  .
Schuster’s areas of expertise are international negotiation, international marketing and consumer-centered business paradigms. She earned a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, a master’s in communication from Arizona State University and a doctorate in communication from Ohio State University.

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Glen Brodowsky, Ph.D.
Management professor and department chair, College of Business Administration (CoBA)
Glen Brodowsky .
Brodowsky’s research interests focus on global marketing strategy, cross-cultural time concepts and their effects on consumer behavior, country-of-origin effects on product choice, survey research methods, and marketing pedagogy. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Far Eastern languages and civilizations from the University of Chicago and a master’s and doctorate in marketing from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

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Kristin Stewart, Ph.D.
Assistant marketing professor, College of Business Administration (CoBA)
Kristin Stewart .
Stewart’s research contributes to advertising, consumer psychology, and consumer behavior theory and practice. She has published articles on the effectiveness of digital video advertising, consumers’ trust in and morality with technology and media, and sensory marketing. She is currently studying technology in marketing and emerging new rules of how consumers behave. She earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Auburn University, a master’s in business administration from Auburn and a doctorate in advertising and public relations from the University of Texas at Austin.

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Sports Marketing

Vassilis Dalakas, Ph.D.
Marketing professor and department chair, College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences (CHABBS)
Vassilis Dalakas .
Dalakas has published research on such topics as marketing and advertising, consumer psychology and behavior, sports marketing, sponsorship, and rivalries, and his research has been featured in media outlets including ESPN, Sports Business Journal, Science Daily, New York Magazine and the San Diego Union-Tribune. He has taught sports marketing for San Diego State’s sports MBA program as well as universities in France and Denmark. He received a doctorate in marketing from the University of Oregon.

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